Create Hip History Contest Video

You’ve read the excerpt, you’ve learned about Buxton, and now you’re ready to start creating your video. But, where do you start?

1. Decide What to Create

You need to create a video to enter the Hip History Contest, but what do want to create and record yourself doing? Here are just a few ideas that might spark your creativity:

  • Write and read a fictional story.
  • Create and perform spoken word poetry or a dramatic monologue.
  • Write a script for a short scene and act it out.
  • Write and perform a song.
  • Create and perform a dance routine, set it to original or royalty-free music, and add your Buxton-related voice-over.
  • Do whatever you like doing—hanging out with friends, putting on make-up, watching tv—and creatively incorporate the facts from the excerpt into that and create a video.
  • Create a piece of art, such as a collage of photos, comic strip, drawing, painting, word art, etc. that visually brings Buxton to life and share and discuss it on video.

2. Decide the Content of Your Video

When thinking of the content of your video, keep in mind the judging criteria that will be used to pick winners so that you can insure that your entry addresses the criteria:

  • CREATIVITY (25%): Did you share the history of Buxton in a unique and interesting way?
  • RELEVANCE (25%): Did you share why racial equality and equity are important and/or what we can learn from Buxton today?
  • INCLUSIVITY (30%): Did you include the  experiences of Black Americans in Buxton? Did you show the contributions made by Black Americans and how they made a difference in Buxton?
  • INSPIRATIONAL (20%): Does your video inspire people to want to learn more or take action after watching?

Now, put it all together: Think about what you learned about Buxton, think about the excerpt and the three facts you want to explore in your video, and create the content.

3. Create Your Video

Now, you’re ready to record your video. Your video must:


If you are planning to create artwork for your entry and would like to include/use photos of Buxton, we have images that you can use. Visit our Buxton Photos page. More images will be added in upcoming days.

Are You Stuck?

While you must create your video, that doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone! If you still can’t think of an idea for your entry, share the contest information with a family member, friend, teacher, or anyone else whose opinion you value and ask them for ideas.

While we can’t give you feedback on what you create, we can tell you whether or not your idea meets the contest requirements and/or judging criteria and answer other questions you might have about the contest. Visit the Contact page to drop us a note or sign up for our newsletter to be notified of upcoming Zoom Q&A sessions.

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