Monica Henry

Monica Henry is not your typical real estate agent. She’s on a mission to turn renters into buyers who own their communities.

“While many real estate agents aspire to sell million-dollar homes, my goal is to help a million people invest in homes. I work hard at turning renters into buyers and believe everyone should own where they live.”

Monica Henry

Monica’s beliefs come from personal experience. Years ago, as a single mom, she was renting a one-bedroom apartment and not making enough to support herself and her young daughter. After saving enough money to buy a two-bedroom and two-bath townhouse, she struggled to pay the mortgage and bills. But she had an idea. She moved her young daughter into her room and rented her bedroom to college students. She was determined to own and profit from her own home. This decision changed her life and put her on the path to continue buying, selling, and profiting from real estate investments.

Today—and numerous properties later—Monica has taken her love for real estate to the next level. After more than 15 years working for several globally recognized fortune 500 companies and working as an Information Technology and Finance Business Analyst, she quit to pursue her passion for real estate full-time. As a REALTOR®, she advises, coaches, and guides her clients through the home buying and selling processes, turning renters into buyers. She also continues to build her personal real estate portfolio.

When not helping her clients find the perfect home or investment property, Monica is actively involved in her community. She is a Board member at Uniting Through History, volunteers with several local nonprofits that support children in foster care, and is a mentor for women in need. 

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