Our Mission

Uniting Through History’s mission is to further acceptance of—and pride in—the fact that Black history is American history by providing creative ways for people to connect with the experiences of Black Americans.

Many have not been taught the depth and breadth of injustices Black Americans have experienced and overcome, nor their contributions and success stories that have helped–and continue to help–make this country what it is today.

We believe Black history:

  • must be included in American history, not segregated from it
  • must be celebrated twelve months a year, not just one
  • must be interwoven into museum exhibits and textbooks
  • that has been erased or omitted must be told
  • that has been incorrectly told must be corrected

While our initial focus is the experiences of Black Americans, our beliefs apply to the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). As we grow, we will expand our scope to include these experiences. Knowing our country’s true, complete history not only helps prevent us from making the same mistakes, it helps foster unity and combat racism.

There are 400 years of “Black history” to learn—much of which we, too, are still learning. We invite you to immerse yourself in this history, connect with it, and celebrate the fact that Black history is American history. Join us and let’s begin Uniting Through History.