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Like many of you, we have books on our list that we’ve been excited to read but haven’t made the time. Now, we’re making the time. Join our History Book Club, where we’ll read books that educate, inspire pride in how Black Americans have contributed in great measure to our country, and motivate us to take action.

In May, we’re reading Wink: The Incredible Life and Epic Journey of Jimmy Winkfield by the late Ed Hotaling. Mr. Winkfield, a Black jockey, won the Kentucky Derby in 1901 and 1902. The book explores his life in Kentucky and the personal hardships and racism that drove him from the United States to Europe, where he rose to fame, won and loss fortunes, “was driven at gunpoint from Russia by the Bolshevik Army and from France by Nazi occupiers,” and more.

Dr. Amie Casey and Jimmy Winkfield Book

For the first time, the book club will welcome a special guest to our monthly meeting! With the help of Martha Viner, Uniting Through History was able to connect with Mr. Winkfield’s granddaughter, Dr. Amie Casey, and invite her to our meeting. Click here for more information on Dr. Casey.

Dr. Casey will join the History Book Club at 7 p.m. CST on May 26 to discuss the book, her grandfather, and her life as an equine veterinarian in private practice as well as in a regulatory capacity for the Louisiana State Racing Commission.

“Many black jockeys were sabotaged, to the point where, by the early 20th century, they were becoming more of a rarity in the sport. Jimmy Winkfield was the last African-American jockey to win the Kentucky Derby, in 1902, and he ended up going to Europe and making a name for himself in Russia, France and Germany.”

excerpted from An African-American Jockey Hasn’t Won the Kentucky Derby for More Than a Century. Here’s Why” by Olivia B. Waxman

In keeping with our mission, we want the History Book Club to be an active experience. We want our readers to connect with history and identify ways they can apply the history learned to combat racism and promote unity—and then do it. We hope you’ll think of things you can do.

Pick up a copy of Wink: The Incredible Life and Epic Journey of Jimmy Winkfield from your local Black-owned bookstore or Iowa’s The Soul Book Nook and then start reading, consider how you can take action, and join us for a discussion on May 26, 2021. To add a little fun, we invite you to come to the meeting with a Cherries & Cream Julep, a drink inspired by Kentucky Derby menus of the late 1800s and early 1900s when Black jockeys dominated the sport. If you prefer an alcohol-free option, this mint julep recipe looks simple and delicious!

For details, sign-up below. We can’t wait to read with you!

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