Lovar Davis Kidd

Lovar Davis Kidd—known by L.D.—is a poet, author, dance educator, musician, and antagonist to all ne’er-do-wellers.

L.D. is no stranger to the stage having performed extensively in both dance and musical theatre productions throughout the US and overseas over the last 25 years.

He currently serves as a staff member at Nolte Academy, and as an Adjunct Instructor of Hip-Hop at the University of Iowa, where he will begin his MFA in Dance this Fall.

When not teaching or choreographing, L.D. works as a licensed massage therapist and registered yoga teacher at Hands in Harmony in Cedar Rapids, IA. He is the proud father of two energetic boys, Myles & Kohen.

He recently started 100% OVER RACISM.

Click here to read Uniting Through History’s blog post and learn more about L.D.

“When the pandemic hit, I watched a lot of my work as freelance choreographer vanish. An idea struck me as I made a protest sign combating racism in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. With an activist mindset and a passion for social change, 100% OVER RACISM. wants people to #wearyourtruth and have the hard conversations that will move us forward as we fight for racial equity & equality.”

L.D. Kidd