Hip History Contest Judges

Meet The Hip History Contest Judges

Our eight judges are a big part of the Hip History Contest. They have generously donated their time and we want you to get to know them. This week, we will begin sharing individual interviews with each judge.

Students, enter the Hip History Contest for a chance to win up to $2,000, get your video in front of the celebrity judges and get a 30-minute Zoom meeting with them. Contest ends May 19, 2021 so enter NOW!

Here’s just a peek at our judges’ accomplishments:

Derrick M. Holmes

Derrick is the Founder and CEO of Banneker, Inc., a luxury watch and clock company that pays tribute to Benjamin Banneker’s legacy with their quality designs. Learn more about Derrick’s success as a businessman and entrepreneur here.

Charity Nebbe

Charity hosts Talk of Iowa on Iowa Public Radio, a role she has held for more than a decade. Learn more about Charity’s award-winning radio career here.

Marquas “MarKaus” Ashworth

MarKaus is a Des Moines entrepreneur who combined his musical talent and appreciation for fine rye whiskey to create his own distillery. Learn more about MarKaus’ unique business ideas here.

Monica Henry

Monica is an Arizona realtor with a passion for helping her clients—including recent graduates and college students—own the home of their dreams. Learn more about Monica’s personal and professional journey here.

Steve Myers

As President and Agency Director at The Peak Agency, Steve runs Iowa’s premier talent agency. Learn more about what Steve looks for and the industry greats he has worked with here.

Lovar Davis “L.D.” Kidd

L.D. is an Iowa poet, author, dance educator, musician, massage therapist, yoga teacher and father. Learn more about L.D.’s social justice mission and his many talents here.

Jatyra Marsh

Jatyra is a multimedia journalist at KYOU-TV in Ottumwa. Learn more about Jatyra’s professional background here.

Caleb “The Negro Artist” Rainey

The Negro Artist is an author, performer and producer. Learn more about his work and his community involvement here.

It’s not too late to enter the Hip History Contest! We’re accepting entries through May 19th. Channel your creativity for a chance to win money and a conversation with one of our great judges. The Contest Rules page gives you all the details, including the link to our FAQs, and the complete contest schedule.